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Welcome! Bienvenue!
Do you want to learn French? Do you wish to improve your French?
Thanks to the telephone and the Internet, you can study with a French teacher in France, wherever you are in the world, or receive email lessons in your mailbox.
A direct link with France will make your French learning experience much more enjoyable, exciting and easy!


La Gazette Audio
E-mail and online lessons
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    Visit France once or twice a week!
    check01_blue.gif One-to-one lessons  to study exactly the French you need and improve your French conversation skills quickly. Method: over-the-phone or using Internet audio conference.
    ailor-made one-to-one lessons are the quickest and most efficient way to improve your spoken French, especially when given by an experienced French teacher living in France, perfectly up-to-date with the latest trends in French language, culture and society.
    Over-the-phone or using internet conferencing, visit France once a week to study with me. We will talk live together and you will study and practice exactly the French you need in real-life role plays. Bon voyage !
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    French in your mail box!
    check01_blue.gif La Gazette Audio is a lively monthly e-mail lesson to improve your listening/speaking skills, as well as grammar and spelling, through exercises and games. 
    Aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, La Gazette Audio will give you a chance to take part in the daily life of French people. Oh là là ! You will share their emotions while they talk about current events in France. Listening to and repeating after your French guests, you will improve your listening comprehension and your pronunciation. Thanks to the full transcript of the recordings and their English translation, you will improve your vocabulary, grammar and spelling. C'est magnifique!
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    Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, my aim is to help you express yourself in French for your studies, your job or to enjoy your stay in France.

    Anne Castelain, BA, MA, MPHIL


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